Things You Need To Know About Freelancing


For many of us, freelancing seems like a dream come true. We get to set our own deadlines, take on work when we feel necessary and most importantly, we get to be our own boss. Not to mention, we decide how much we want to work and when we want to work. It could be seven in the morning or ten at night. Nobody is going to question us because we no longer have to get up early in the morning the next day, get dressed and go somewhere. We can now “officially” be in our pajamas all day and drink as much coffee as we want. Or even go to a café and work from there.

But we also need to know that freelancing full-time isn’t for everyone. Some people genuinely thrive in an office environment where they can exchange ideas with other colleagues, connect and even, hang out after work. You need to see what your inner disposition is and the kind of life you want to lead. If that means, working independently and spending a lot of time by yourself, then sure, by all means, we encourage you to try freelancing. Because believe it or not, once you are a freelancer, alone is something you will be quite a lot.

But to become a successful freelancer, you need a lot of self-discipline, because gone are the days when you had a boss who nagged you to get things done. In fact, now, you may not even have to meet anyone for days or months. Most of your communication will be done over e-mail. You will have to deal with clients and learn to negotiate. This may seem scary at first because you may end up worrying about the amount of work coming your way every month and whether or not, it’s sufficient to pay the bills and live comfortably. So before you take the plunge, we suggest you put aside some money for these initial days or months. With time, that will change. Because you will learn how to create your own client base and start getting regular work.

Oh, and one last thing, not all clients will pay you on time or at all so learn to ask for an advance before you take on a new project.