The Power of a Yes Mind: Say No to No!




Do you remember being a little kid? The time when everything seemed possible. Every new discovery was fascinating and worthy of our time. In fact, we looked forward to new experiences so they could broaden our way of seeing the world and all that it offers.


But as adults, we’ve somehow lost that ability. We’ve stopped telling ourselves that anything is possible. The mere idea of it is embarrassing to say the least and we hold back. This holding back is nothing but telling ourselves that we can’t do anything we set out to do. This not only limits us but also our ability to move forward and achieve newer goals.




It’s time we consciously made an effort to forget the word ‘no’. It’s time to wise up. It’s time to get your passion back and say ‘YES!’ to all that life offers you. We are not saying that it’s easy, but that’s what makes it worth doing. It requires saying no to that voice in your head that holds you back and then, go ahead and do whatever it is you wanted to do anyway. Fear is powerful, we agree, but your will to overcome that fear is even more powerful.




The work you need to begin with is the inner work that is absolutely necessary to manifest your dreams. Effective inner work brings your passionate sparkle back. And you start the inner work by exposing the harmful echoes of no that intimidate you.




The more you exercise the power of Yes, the more comfortable you get with saying yes to things. This mindset is especially great for people at work. Who doesn’t want to work with someone who is positive and passionate? The answer is everyone. The power of a yes mind is powerful and once you say yes to everything, chances are you’ll rub that on to other people around you too. Believe us when we say this because we’ve seen it happen here at Peepal. We are all a bunch of ‘yes’ people and are proud of it!

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