Some of the most successful people started as interns!

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Yes, that’s right. Many successful people started their careers as interns. A wealth of knowledge, extensive opportunities and a foot in that dream job’s door can only describe one thing: internships. Even a majority of us started our career (when we didn’t even use the term career) with an internship, which not only gave us a glimpse of what the real world looks like, but also gave us a chance to climb the career ladder.

Turns out, contrary to popular belief, an internship isn’t all about grabbing coffee and making copies. It’s also about stepping out of your comfort zone for the first time. Kind of like an initiation into the real world. And it’s about saying yes to a challenge that might change your life forever. It’s about knowing deep down what it feels like to be an adult and discovering a side to you that you didn’t even know existed before. More importantly, it’s about getting rid of pre-conceived notions about what work life is really about.

Internships lend you a whole new perspective. One that cannot be found in school or college. Through books or teachers. Because this right here, is where you learn about work and commitment and deadlines. And use your talents and skills to the best of your ability to create something worthwhile.

Did you know that child model and actress Brooke Shields once had an internship at the San Diego Zoo? Pretty cool, right? Wait. There’s more. Before Tom Hanks was a movie star, he was a college kid interning for the Great Lakes Theater Festival in Cleveland, Ohio. The internship turned into a three-year gig, which gave him the space to learn. As a result, he dropped out of college because he felt he no longer needed formal theater education. He was learning enough on the job. Even Mindy Kaling got her first break as an intern at the Late Night With Conan O’Brien. Last but not least, the computer genius Steve Jobs called the Hewlett-Packard president William Hewlett to, ‘ask for parts for a high school project’. Hewlett gave Jobs the necessary equipment as well as a summer internship with his company. This was also where Jobs met Steve Wozniak.

Chances are your first real collaborator is waiting for you too. All you need to do is find that perfect internship. Meant just for you!

And who knows, that perfect internship might even be here at Peepal.

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