All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!


We haven’t just heard that saying like you all have, we believe in it. That’s why we don’t just focus on work. We also focus on play. In fact, we even do our best to make work seem like play. It works well too because everyone here loves the work that they do.

But sometimes we also head out as a team for some fun like we did yesterday. About 15 of us got into different cars or got on our bikes and rode to Amoeba on Church Street. The minute we entered, each one of us felt a switch. Some of us remembered our days from college when we went bowling, some of us thought of dancing to the beats of 90s music, which is what they were playing there at that time and the rest of us thought of nothing but winning the game. Nostalgia didn’t excite us. Winning did.

Suddenly, our senses were sharper and everything seemed vivid. Now we don’t know if it had anything to do with the trippy lighting or the sound of bowling balls hitting the bowling pins or perhaps it was a mix of all that and our excitement about doing something together. But it felt different. Everyone was more at ease and cheerier. That’s what made us realize how important it is to connect outside work. Because when you are outside work, you see a whole different side to a person and it gives you a chance to connect more deeply.

For us at Peepal, that’s really important. It’s only when we are connected that we’ll listen to one other, absorb each other’s thoughts and come up with the best solutions to tackle any problem that we may face at work. And that’s exactly what we did at the bowling alley. We worked great as teams and not individuals. We listened to each other instead of talking over one another.

That’s our biggest takeaway from yesterday. Well, that and the fact that some of us are really good at bowling. And the ones who aren’t, I guess they’ll just get better because we’ll be going back there a lot more.

Work that doesn’t feel like work!

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It’s 9 in the morning and most of us are at work already. Not because we have fixed hours, nine to five, as they say. But because we are working on something new. Something that needs our immediate and in a lot of ways, constant attention. It doesn’t even matter whether or not we are at work. Because the truth is that we are constantly thinking about new ways to covert our ideas into reality. This isn’t mere work for us. It’s the kind of stuff that drives our life force. Believe it or not, this is the kind of work that excites us and keeps us awake at night.

Most of us have been lucky enough to find our true calling, the thing we want to spend the rest of our lives doing, pretty early in life. That’s why we always choose to lean in and engage, instead of looking at it as work. That’s why it doesn’t matter if we spend five hours on an idea or five months. The best part is that we feel that we are all in this together, which is why there is no sense of hierarchy and all that matters is to get things right.

This is what makes us look at hard work in a whole new way. Our ancestors had a really simple way of looking at hard work. It was the amount of food you produced at the end of each season. It was about the amount of hours you put into your work. Everything was quantifiable. But that sort of logic doesn’t work in our current scenario. By that, we mean, the current urban set-up. Hard work isn’t about whether or not you check your e-mail during your vacation or are available for a conference call around midnight. Hard work is about taking risks and about exercising your ability to come up with creative ideas. Ideas that don’t merely stay on paper. Instead, ideas that are implemented and that change lives.

That’s real hard work. And we at Peepal have internalized it, appreciate it and well, pretty much live by it.

Late is better than never, don’t you think?

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We are perfectionists. There. We admit it.

Ideally (and we don’t usually use this term loosely), we should have, ahem, put out our first blog post about 7 years ago. But then, we got caught up with bringing smart people together, solving teething problems of a start-up, and experimenting with new possibilities. Besides, writing is not really our forte so we kept putting it off. More excuses shall follow in our next post.

The simple truth is that we got busy with other things. Things that at that time were very important. Even life changing to some extent. But something happened this week.

We read about Ruckusmaker Day by Seth Godin, the brilliant American marketer and author. The line we connected the most with is: “One reason we often find ourselves with nothing much to say is that we’ve already decided that it’s safer and easier to say nothing.”

And that made us realize that it’s not just important to do great work. But it’s equally important to say something, to have a point of view and articulate it.

We are great believers of ‘why re-invent the wheel’ and ‘it’s never too late to start something’, like this blog for instance. In fact, we feel writing about our point of view will help us better understand how we got here and where we are planning to go from here.

Here, we are also going to talk about the amazing work we do, our drive to do that work and our attempts to bring great ideas to reality. That can’t possibly happen without talking about our people who put in all their time and energy to make things happen. We will also talk about our current challenges and our plans for the rest of the year. But more on that later! Roughly about 7 days. So stay tuned.