In which Pawan, Oscar and Arun decided to startup

How it really began

The year was 2005. My friend from my SP Jain years, Amit Saxena (now a major mover-shaker at Epsilon) shot me an email saying His friend, (intentional capital H. At SP, Amit was called amIT as he was considered a minor tech deity) Pawan was relocating to Bangalore and that I’d enjoy his company.

I was running a medical BPO company out of Tampa FL and Bangalore then, but beer with someone sent my way by Amit was always on. Minor tech God & yours truly had spent many an evening at B-school contemplating and planning tech-led business ventures between 2000-02.

Pawan had just moved to town to build Mobile Apps for Samsung’s native OS. So I met the handsome gent on the stairs to Mojo’s, opposite the old Opera House. What followed was an engaging evening mostly centered around business ideas that were driven by tech.

And then..

What also followed was a few years of similar meetings every 2-3 months. Around the middle of 2010, Pawan, who had over the years joined IIM B’s exec MBA program and also started Peepal Software part-time to service some embedded systems clients in Japan asked me to consider joining him in starting up together.

We started meeting a few of times a week at the Barista on the 80 feet road in Koramangla to think up, trash and refine possibilities. At one of these early meetings he introduced me to Oscar, his batchie at IIM B. Oscar and me got along famously immediately, and I’m glad to report that it has stayed the same.

Building together

In the space of 3 weeks we had nailed down a few ideas that looked promising enough to pursue.

And somewhere in the space of those 3 weeks of conversations and arguments we had signed an unwritten contract to work together at building products we’d be proud off.

The first one turned out to be infraSTAT, our telecom infra management platform that has been used by clients like Airtel, Vodafone, NSN and Eaton Towers over the last 4 years. But more on that in another post!

4 thoughts on “In which Pawan, Oscar and Arun decided to startup

  1. Pretty cool Arun and Pawan & Oscar! While this makes a good read by itself, what I noticed between the lines is that you guys spent a good deal of time thinking and reviewing before getting on with it. A great lesson for many who are on the same trail … All the best!

  2. Ravi, thanks for the wishes. Yes, a key phrase you’ll hear at the end of our brain storming sessions is “Lets sleep over it”. It tempers the other emotion, which is “Let’s go for it NOW”.

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