Peepal started with the aim of converting ideas into realities. We dream up ideas (& trash most of them), implement technology, solve engineering problems and take awesome products to market.

Mobility has and will revolutionize the life across the globe. And it has influenced our thoughts as well.

Our flagship product, infraSTAT, was born when mobility was applied to enterprise operations. Since 2011, infraSTAT has being used extensively by clients in over 10 African countries to keep telecom networks up and running for clients like Airtel, NSN and Eaton Towers.

We are currently exploring new applications in the B2C space centered around mobility.

Our new product Shifoo, is a discovery platform for users interested in learning and developing a skill; it helps people find ideal classes for themselves. Shifoo does this by aggregating classes from all over India, ensuring latest class details by allowing class owners to manage their class profile. In addition, Shifoo also provides some kick-ass features that improves the class experience for both users and class owners.