6 Reasons Why I had A Rocking Internship At A Startup


So I just completed my 2nd year of engineering college, which means I already am 50% an engineer! To explore beyond the books (and for fun) I applied for internships online and quite unexpectedly few companies wrote back to me. I was so thrilled! After an interview I received my offer letter from Peepal Software Solutions.

Although interning for big companies may sound like a more preferable and secure option, interning with a startup is an incredible experience. In fact my friends interning in bigger companies couldn’t agree to this more! Here are the reasons why I had so much fun during my internship at a startup:

1. You don’t have to worry about shirts and trousers- Being a girl, the first thing that came to my mind on receiving the offer letter was whether I have to buy formal wear or not! When I asked the team, they actually laughed at my question. The work environment is so chill out there.



2. You are treated as an equal- I actually felt important for the first time there! I got to attend a lot of meetings with all the amazingly experienced people. My opinions were always considered and even asked for. I addressed everyone by their name. Not once did I feel that I wasn’t a part of the team.



3. You work hard and party harder- The team lunch where we made fun of the director and an intern all at the same time, is something no other workplace can provide. I believe those were the best parts of the day. In the hope my mother doesn’t read this, Friday nights ended with us dancing, singing and laughing till our stomach ached.



4. You grow in your field- When I joined the company I had a very basic understanding of the required concepts but as I was given more responsibilities and I surpassed levels that I thought was beyond my capability. When you see a project you were a part of, take shape, you have a new confidence in yourself. This feeling isn’t achievable by even the best training in a big company. What I accomplished here is priceless and obviously I brag about it!



5. First timers- I actually had a lot of my first timers while interning. Like my first interview for a magazine (by another intern), my first cameo on TV, my first Vietnamese food, my first salary (that’s what I am choosing to call my stipend), my first Karaoke and some more that I cannot mention… Also, this happens to be my FIRST blog!



6.You find a family- My family is not in the same city and I stay in the college hostel, but I hardly missed home in all these months. I got really close to each one of my team mates in a very short span of time!


Honestly, this was the best decision I have ever taken. It was a pleasure being a part of Peepal. I wish I could relive every moment I spent here. 

Written By: Rozelle Jain

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